Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's A Burberry Patch!

Now that I only work in the Boutique a few days a month, I always feel like I'm walking into a brand new store. And yesterday was no exception. Only I didn't have time to take a closer gander at the new merchandise covering almost every possible, hangable square inch of our little shop because even MORE consignment arrivals were pouring through the door!

One consignor brought in her 25 potential pieces and, with a wave of her hand, said: whatever you don't want just donate to charity. Well, there wasn't a single piece we were willing to part with! Several pieces of Burberry were among the oh-so-fun drop off, and I've posted some pictures below for you!

p.s. there were 2 signature Burberry scarves, but one of them sold before I could even take a picture!

The scarf that already sold was the same signature plaid, and was made of merino wool. But this Burberry cape is still available as per this post!

An adorable, red plaid Burberry scarf used as a decorative belt for this classic Burberry skirt!

My personal favorite: (if only I could fit into it) this quilted Burberry vest


  1. i like the cape!! :)


  2. Nice collections. I like that. Here are some more Burberry Scarves online. Last week i have brought 10pairs of scarf from US big shopping mall. Log on to the website to choose your ones.


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