Friday, January 29, 2010

Colors are a Girl's Best Friend

Chic doesn't have to mean black from head to toe... or at all, for that matter. A daring color combination can have the same streamlining affect as a monotone ensemble. Colors are the paint to the canvas of a soul. Kaaren, a soft, lithe-spirited, totally fabulous regular customer of ours was happy to let us experiment with a style outside of her usual box. The results... see for yourself!

Model: Kaaren (styled by Carrie)

Blouse #1: Anne Carson, size L: $16
Skirt: Tahari NWT, size 2, bubble hem: $59
Shoes: Steve Madden, size 7 1/2: $16
Bracelet: long strand of beads wrapped for bracelet: $33
Necklace: Lucky Brand $18 (sold)
Earrings: vintage crystal clip-ons: $16 (sold)
Blouse #2: strapless brown top, Hype, size small: $19
                   and Odille silk wrap blouse, size 6 $46
Belt: crinkle scarf/sash: $23

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Princess Prints

Take a lesson from Emilio Pucci, a couture designer known as "the prince of prints": patterns play well together. The trick is letting one of the prints take the lead. A smaller print will sing a perfect harmony to the melody of a big, bold pattern. And the icing: tying them all together with accessories that speak to both. Did you even notice that Sandra's shoes are patterned? Neatly-casual hair is a great way to softly frame a face, and gives a touch of feminine, free-spirit to any look.

Boutique Girl: Sandra (styled by Casey)

Heels: Wild Rose, size 7 1/2 $24
Belt: The Limited $9
Costume chain and pearl necklace: $18
Necklace: KJL Inaugural Pearls 2009: $22
Handbag: $11
Top: Citrine, size 8: $28
Dress: White House / Black Market, size M (bubble hem) $37

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do we have your attention now?

Fierce, Edgy, Unexpected...
Finders Keepers: Consignment reinvented

Total Retail Purchase Price: $7,029
Total Finders Keepers Price: $1,961

Boutique Girl: Casey

Long-sleeve Top: Anac, size large - Retails: $80, Our price: $35
Tank Top: Lisa Ho, size 6 - Retails: $580, Our price: $55
Skirt: Badgley Mischka, size 6 - Retails: $150, Our Price: $60
Booties: Stuart Weitzman, size 9 - Retails: $250, Our Price: $85
Handbag: Gucci NWT - Retails: $1095, Our Price: $495

Boutique Girl: Ivana

Blouse: Burberry, size small - Retails: $200, Our price: $29
Tank: Alannah Hill, size 6 - Retails: $235, Our price: $33
Jeans: Joe's, size 28 - Retails: $174, Our price: $39
Heels: Beverly Feldman, size 7 - Retails: $200, Our price: $89
Clutch: Lambertson, alligator - Retails: $2500, Our price: $595

Boutique Girl: Heather

Dress: Alannah Hill, size 6 - Retails: $500, Our price: $63
Skirt: Alannah Hill, size 6 - Retails: $415, Our price: $63
Blouse: Kay Unger, size 2 - Retails: $150, Our price: $38
Handbag: Robert Pietri - Retails: $400, Our price: $229
Boots: Steve Madden, size 8 - Retails: $100, Our price: $53

A HUGE THANKS to Carrie,
our fashionista, photographer extraordinaire!

Stay tuned...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gothically, Glamorously, Girly

Every woman has a dark side. It's alluring, haunting, and powerful. The good news: edgy and classy go hand in hand. A touch of mystery can turn a chic ensemble into an unforgettable encounter.

Boutique Girl: Casey (styled by Carrie)

Top: size Medium, $48
Skirt: White House Black Market, size 6 $22
Boots: Chinese Laundry, size 10 $43
Handbag: Isabella Fiore $118

Turn off your TV... and take a walk on the wildside

Forget reality television, get out there and be your own must-watch-this! Fashion is like our very own set of feathers. We can express ourselves by what we wear: emotions, individuality, personality, moods, and even our lives can dictate what we reach for in our closets

Boutique Girl: Casey (styled by Carrie)

Top: Theme, size small $26
Pants: Moschino, size 33, $49
Loafers: Cole Haan, size 11 $53
Necklace: $14
Earrings: $12
Handbag: $15

Field & Flower

Mother Nature is one inspiring woman. Take a look around... color combinations that might scare you in your closet are breathtaking in the natural world. A stormy gray sky against April's new greens. The burning oranges and reds of fall leaves against October's blue, blue sky. A field of daffodils. What are your eyes drawn to? Make a mental note, and the next time you get dressed, go for it!

Boutique Girl: Casey (styled by Carrie)

Cardigan: Field & Flower, size Medium $59
Skirt: To The Max, size 4 $15
Shirt: size Small $15
Boots: size 11 $26

Pretty in Pink

Pink is a color of many faces: fun, flirty, edgy, sassy, and bold, to name a few. Pink's versatility is oft over-looked. This touch of femininity plays well with others: gray, brown, green, orange, white, gold, silver... you name it! Let pink accompany you at work and out on the town!

Boutique Girl: Casey (styled by Carrie)

Blouse: New York & Co, size Large $40
Skirt: Jaeger, size 6 $40
Handbag: Guess $27
Shoes: Jimmy Choo $157
Pin: $13
Costume Pearls: $11

Vote for Us!

Jezebel Magazine is taking online votes now for its Best of Atlanta Issue! Vote for Finders Keepers Boutique now on:!! We won in 2008... let's reclaim the title!

Accessories are Necessities!

Each piece in your wardrobe is just that: a piece to a fun, daily puzzle. Consider your pieces as one of two things: cake or frosting. They're both sweet on their own, but even more delicious in tandem. Accessories are the easiest kind of frosting. Patterned tights, look-at-me shoes, or bold colors near your face are all quick ways to add a dash of sugar to your look.

Boutique Girl: Heather (styled by Ivana)

Dress: Betsey Johnson, size small $49
Boots: size 8 1/2 $9
Scarf: Neiman Marcus, silk $40
Handbag: Nine West, $44
Metal Bangle: $14
Gold and Ivory Bracelet: $22
Green and Gold Bracelet: $18
Belt: $14

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contrast Can...

What do plaid, animal print, silk, cotton, velvet, red, pink, blue, and tie-dye have in common? Ivana used all of them when she styled me on this slow, rainy day. It's pouring buckets outside so we had to stay inside of our little store for this pictorial. The lesson in the kaleidescope of contrast: It works. Sometimes what a bold piece needs for balance is an equally bold partner in crime.

Boutique Girl: Casey (styled by Ivana)

Camisole: size small $25
Pants: Moschino, size 33 $85
Jacket: Tuleh, size 6 $198
Necklace: tribal with silver and wooden beads $15
Heels: Nine West, size 10: $17
Vest: Mike & Chris, size small $35

Red is Forever

In the years that we've been open, we've seen many styles come and go. Red, though... red is forever. This may come as a surprise, but most shades of red are also considered neutrals. That means that red can be added to almost any ensemble to ramp up your style.

Boutique Girl: Stephanie (Styled by Carrie & Stephanie)

Handbag: Isabella Fiore $140
Belt: $14
Shoes: Carlos Red/MC, Size 8.5 $24
Dress: Slate Nicole Miller, Size 10 $42
Cardigan: Red Metro 7, Size Medium $16
Necklaces: Yellow/Flowers $6, Long pearls $17 & $11