Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Did You Know?

We know - your inbox is full of spam and the idea of giving a perfect stranger your email address may not seem so super. So here's our promise to you: First, we will never give anyone else your information. Period. Second, we'll only send you emails if we've got cool news to share with you, such as: awesome inventory, sales/events that we're hosting, exclusive coupons, or need-to-know info like if we close for a holiday. And if you ever find that you don't want to get our emails anymore, all you have to do is click "unsubscribe" on any email we send you and you're instantly removed from the database.
Want to sign up? Just email us at subscribe@fkconsign.com from the email address that you'd like to add.

Monday, December 20, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I can't believe we've almost had our blog up and running for a year. We've learned so much and had so much fun. For the company's end of the year party I sorted through all of the pictures we (well - mostly Carrie!) took and chose my favorite of each Boutique Girl, and then turned those into 8 by 10 prints. Here are the pictures that I chose:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

candy colored

What *is* it about a delicously colored handbag or pair of shoes that makes my mouth water? I mean sometimes it has that really delightful, rich, leather scent that fills my nose (and heart) with wonder and anticipation like a kid's first real Christmas tree... but we're talking a Pavlovian response here: I see a leather, jewel-toned purse and it's like someone ringing the dinner bell. Don't judge, but sometimes - especially if I can't afford it - I'll pick it up and talk to it, tell it about the adventures we'd take, ensemble plans I have for it, that I'd never *ever* take it out during rain or put trash in it or leave it in my car or on the floor (lies, lies, lies - but I really do try.) And that I love it enough to let it go when that lucky customer plucks it from the shelf and takes it home with her...

Marc Jacobs Clutch

Cool Kicks!

Boots Boots Boots!

Valentino Pink Patent Handbag - New with tags!

Louis Vuitton Heels

Huge Longchamp weekender

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

On Saturday I texted Stephanie to see how the day was going. Her response: an email that should've been wrapped with a shiny bow: pictures and descriptions of newly arrived inventory that I'm certain had her drooling all over the keyboard! Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Armani, Badgley Mischka, and more. Her personal favorite: a brand-spankin-new pair of Givenchy heels. I saw them with my own eyes on Monday: 4 inch heels with triple mary-jane straps that decorate an ankle with carefully crafted perfection; the glassy, smooth, nobody's-ever-taken-a-step-in-me soles are deliciously caramel in color and so shiny I could see my reflection in them... and this is a SHOE! Anyways, enough about what we'd love to see under our Christmas trees. Take a peek... what's your favorite?

You've got stuff. You want to help charities. Now what?

Charities and fund raising efforts depend on people like you and are eternally grateful for your contribution. And you can give even more support by taking the time to sort through your items before you send them somewhere for donation/consignment. Collection sites spend a lot of time, effort, and resources disposing of items that aren’t usable. Look at each piece. Is it still truly useful? Is it current enough for someone to wear/use today? Is it (really) in good shape? Throwing out belongings might feel wasteful, but it actually saves the charity/organization time and money for you to screen your own items with a careful eye before you donate them.

Consignment stores have become a great way for charities to earn money from the resale of better merchandise. Keep this in mind: consignment stores are for profit companies, so the prices tend to be higher than thrift stores (because they don’t receive government funding of any kind to offset expenses) so customers expect good quality and only minimal (if any) signs of wear. Shopping consignment has become trendy, and these trendsetting shoppers expect stores to keep up. Look at each piece and honestly answer: would I buy this again today? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely someone else would buy it again too. If the answer is no, then decide whether a donation center could truly use it or if it should simply get tossed out. Don’t feel guilty! You’re actually doing charities a favor.

Finders Keepers Consignment Stores have set up accounts to raise money for multiple charities. These accounts earn more than regular consignor accounts, and receive 50% of the purchase price of every item. In 2010, Finders Keepers raised more than $10,000 for Haitian Relief Efforts alone. If you have things you’d like to sell in the name of a charity, bring your items in neatly (note: clothing wadded in a trash bag wrinkles within seconds and people won’t buy wrinkly stuff) and fill out our “pink slip” with the name of the organization that you’d like to donate the proceeds from your items to, or let a store representative know what charity you’d like to support and he or she will help you from there. That’s it! We will then screen the items for sell-ability. Anything deemed unsellable will be donated to the charities that we support, but we do not give tax write-offs and do not receive funding as a collection center, so a pre-screen by you in your own home will help all the way around.

Our three stores each have accounts set up for many different charities, and each have different consignment needs. Finders Keepers Fashions sells men’s, women’s, plus-sized, and maternity clothing as well as accessories: shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry, etc. This store has a customer-demand for current and good-quality work-wear, suits, and wardrobe staples as well as fun and trendy pieces. Check your clothing for moth holes, tears, discoloration (particularly around the neck or under the arms,) spots, and stains. Shoes must be in new or nearly-new condition with no visible wear inside, and very minimal wear (if any) outside. The same rules apply at Finders Keepers Boutique, but this store has a high demand for funky and trendy merchandise, and doesn’t do so well with the basics or conservative wear like suits or sets. This location starts with labels like J. Crew and Banana Republic, and continues through couture fashion designers like Chanel and Prada. This store only carries clothing sizes 0-14, and also only sells clothing for women. Neither store accepts knock-offs or counterfeits of any kind, so please don’t bring them. Finders Keepers Furnishings sells furniture and home d├ęcor, and does best with contemporary pieces from retailers like Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. They’re looking for newer import styles, neutral colors, and clean lines. Knick-knacks, do-dads, porcelain figurines, etc. do not sell in this store. A good rule of thumb: if it didn’t sell at the yard sale, it won’t sell here.

Learn more about our policies and the charities we support on our website: http://www.fkconsign.com/

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I'm not much for the annual holiday-music domination of radio stations, or for the fact that Macy's usually has its halls decked while it's still hot enough to don a swimsuit. But there's something about decorating our stores that dusts off my Christmas spirit each November. The ornaments, presents, wrapping paper, ribbon, tinsel, and lights create a hustle and bustle in the air: a new kind of anticipation even if the store is quiet at the time. If you decorate it, they will come... :)

Something about the festivity also brings the staff together like a second family as we string up lights and spray paint plastic Christmas trees from Big-Lots. Simply: it's a lot of fun and we're a group of grown ups that really digs being silly.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday Sale Announcement!

Save Three Ways when you Shop Finders Keepers Consignment Stores this Black Friday!

I'll let you in on a secret: we love sales just as much as you do! So this Friday we're bringing you three ways to save as each of our stores hosts its own sale all day long. All you have to do: celebrate Black Friday by wearing black when you come in to shop. So here's the scoop:

Finders Keepers Fashions: 20% OFF all full-priced coats, jackets, and blazers if you wear black. Also enjoy shopping new markdowns. Many items have been reduced to half price!

Finders Keepers Furnishings: 20% OFF all holiday decor if you wear black! Also, shop the bargain room at half-off the lowest marked price!

Finders Keepers Boutique: 20% OFF all handbags, scarves, jewelry, and shoes if you wear black. Accessories are necessities!

You save money whenever you shop at Finders Keepers, and this Black Friday is no exception. Remember, you have to wear black to get the sale price!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Need Your Help!

OMG - we've been nominated as one of Aol.com's City's Best! But we wanna be "Best of the Best" - and we need your help to do it! Click on this link:

and then click on "Finders Keepers." That's it! You can vote once a day. The website is really cool, and has tons of categories. Check it out at: www.citysbest.com/atlanta/ and if you're not from Atlanta - or if you're traveling this holiday season- get the scoop on what's hot in most major U.S. cities: http://www.citysbest.com/ 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thrifty with $50 (from Creative Loafing's Fashion Issue)

I get the e-newsletters from Creative Loafing and I love to peruse the reviews of new restaurants or nightly haunts. So when an article title in last week's newsletter had two of my FAVORITE words: Thrift and Fashion, in the title, I cozied up on my couch with my laptop to see what the fine people at Creative Loafing had to say:

Thrifty with $50
Who says money buys taste? These six Atlantans shopped on a budget — and ended up looking like a million bucks.
by Bobby Feingold and Amber Robinson
Fashion dictator Karl Lagerfeld once said that fashion isn't for the poor. Or was it not for the fat? Anyway, we disagree. Some of the best-dressed people we know find their duds in the bargain bin, which makes thrifting an indispensable part of Atlanta's style. Anyone can drop a mortgage payment on this season's hippest clothes — and even when they do, it's not always a good look, Housewives — but it takes real panache to pull off a look for $50. That was the challenge we issued to some dapper Atlantans, forcing them to forgo Phipps for faded strip malls in funkier hoods. Our style mavens hit the pavement and proved you can pull off major style in Atlanta without dropping major cash. We're not Paris. We're not Milan. But we do have Value Village, damn it.

For the full article and pictures of the "thrifty with $50" outfits click here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm always ready for fall and winter fashion to make its yearly debut. Of course here in Georgia patience is required as we wait through several rounds of temporary cool-downs before fall finally and permanently descends on our southern state (usually in time for Thanksgiving... although I do recall a Christmas morning in shorts some years back, but I digress.)

In the past I've only had one bone to pick with winter-wear: the unceremonious pallets of gray, black, navy, and other equally quiet neutrals. Don't get me wrong - neutral can be chic, interesting, and down-right daring. But sometimes I look back forlornly at the season before and reminisce about the jewel tones of spring and summer splendor. However, fashion trends from the past few turns of the calender seem to be with me on this colorful matter, and welcome with open, covered arms a bolder and brighter color pallet. Purples, pinks, (side note: I heard coral was the new "it" holiday color...) greens, teals, and more are just as much of a winter wardrobe staple as a khaki coat or a black pair of boots. Tis the season to decorate... yourself!