Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I only wore them once

"I only wore them once." It's something we hear a lot from our consignors. Maybe they purchased the piece for a special event or maybe the sizing was just too uncomfortable. Well these to-die-for unbelievably adorable Tory Burch shoes were just the case: the consignor wore them to her wedding! Fantabulous shoes peeking out from a glamorous gown is a trend I'm definitely into. A friend of mine got married over the summer in a traditional Hindu wedding celebration. Her own little secret: royal blue Jimmy Choo stilletos. (Now if she never wears THOSE bad boys again I'll cry foul... unless ofcourse she consigns them... Hey, a girl can dream!)

Just In: Tory Burch Heels size 7

Regular Retail: $425
Our Price: $269

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Featured Item: Vivre Clutch $75

Label: Vivre
Manufacture: Handmade woven metal and wire; made in London; opens by pulling apart
Measurements: 5 3/4" long by 3" tall
Condition: Good - some discoloration of metal (see images); with dustbag
Color: Metal
Retail Price: $300
Finders Keepers Price: $75

Front View

View of wire detailing on corners

Clutch pulls apart to open

View of Inside

View for size

Featured Item: Philip Treacy Clutch $150

Label: Philip Treacy
Manufacture: Made in Italy, genuine leather
Measurements: 11" long by 5" tall
Color: Steel (snake texture)
Condition: Good - some wear and discoloration of hardware
Finders Keepers Price: $150

Front View

View of Name Plate (and discoloration)

View of Inside

View of Back

Featured Item: Manila Clutch (silver) $65

Label: Manila
Manufacture: Made in Italy; limited edition #0255
Measurements: 8 1/2" long by 4" tall
Condition: Fair - some visible wear on edges and discoloration on back (see images)
Color: Dark silver
Retail Price: $695
Finders Keepers Price: $65

Front View

A view of the inside flap

A view of the inside

A view of the back - note the wear

Upclose view of the discoloration on the back

Featured Item: Bottega Veneta Evening Handbag $450

Label: Bottega Veneta
Manufacture: Made in Italy; satin with leather handles and tassles
Color: Black
Measurements: 10" long by 5 3/4" tall (handles add 8" in height)
Condition: Excellent
Retail price: $1200+
Finders Keepers price: SOLD
Front View

Leather draw-string style straps

View of compartments

Inside view

Feature Item: Lana of London evening bag

Label: Lana of London
Manfacture: Made in Italy; lizard trim
Measurements: 7.5" long by 5" tall (height of strap = 24")
Condition: Very good - discoloration on lining. See images.
Color: multi-shades of gray and silver
Finders Keepers Price: now available on ebay!
Full view

View of beaded tassles

Discoloration along edge of lining

View of texture

Featured Item: Armani evening bag *SOLD*

Label: Armani
Manufacture: Made in Italy; tag info: Mod. YGD 159, Art. YAO56, Col. 80001
Condition: Very good, with dustbag
Color: Black
Measurements: 10" long by 8" tall (+3.5" in height when including handle)
Retail Price: $600
Finders Keepers Price: SOLD!
Front View

View of Texture

Inside View

Featured Item: Joyce Frances Clutch $950

Label: Joyce Frances
Manufacture: Hand-carved Lucite; "Flora-Fest" 2002; carved signature by artist
Condition: Excellent
Measurements: 4" long by 3 1/2" wide by 6" tall
Color: Translucent spring green
Retail Price: $2500+
Finders Keepers Price: $950

Front View

Opens from the right-hand side

A view of the closed lid

Back View

Picture of signature (camera couldn't focus on it very well)

Featured Item: Manila Clutch (Green)

Label: Manila; Limited Edition #0978
Production: Made in Italy
Measurements: 9 1/4 inches long by 5 inches tall
Condition: Good condition - 2 spots (one outside and one inside. See pics below)
Color: Kiwi green
Retail price: $695
Finders Keepers price: now available on ebay!

Front View

View of inside flap (dustbag underneath)

Manila Plate with limited edition number (0978)

Inside View

Condition Note - rust colored spot on right edge (front)

Condition note - pen mark on inside flap

Back View