Friday, August 13, 2010

Finders Keepers Fall Bag Sale 2010 - Round 1!

Round 1? Yep! Does that imply a Round 2? Of COURSE! For those of you who have never rushed a Bag Sale Event, I'll give you the run down: inventory in our clothing stores expires after a certain amount of time. So we take it off the sales floor and either donate it directly to a charity, or we save up a stock pile for our Bag Sale event - which is also for charity. But instead of giving them clothing we raise money from the sale of the expired clothes and we send 100% of the proceeds to one of our favorite charities: Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta (RRISA).
The best part, here's how the money is raised: We take all of the stockpiled expired merchandise from the whole season (and from both stores) and hang it up in the parking lot of our location in Avondale Estates - Finders Keepers Fashions. You get to take our medium-size shopping bags and stuff them as full as you can get them for $10 a bag - and you can stuff as many bags as you want. 100% of the money raised go DIRECTLY to RRISA - we don't keep a single dime. This bag sale raised $2200 for RRISA's work with the Haitian Medical Evacuees from the January earthquake disaster in Haiti. That $2200 brings us to a total of over $10000 raised so far since the January earthquake.
Want a peek at the madness? We've posted a video below of a short clip from the Bag Sale held last Saturday. Our next Bag Sale will be Saturday, September 25th!

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