Monday, February 21, 2011

Q+A with our fearless leader, Bonnie Kallenberg

Bonnie Kallenberg, owner of Finders Keepers Consignment Stores, gets asked a lot of questions. She was recently asked: "What's the most unusual thing anyone has ever purchased in one of your stores?" Here's her answer:

Tyler Perry, a movie producer, lives and films movies and television shows all around Atlanta so we have his set designers in the stores often. The most memorable purchase of theirs was a large amount of dressy and designer clothing, shoes and accessories to use in the closet scene of “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. The YouTube link is where you can see the actors trash a closet full of clothing from Finders Keepers about 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the clip!

p.s. winter clearance starts TODAY at the Boutique! All of our winter merchandise has been marked down, so come stock up on designer goodies at even lower prices.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OMG - awesome new arrivals for spring!

The weather is heating up - finally - and the inside of Finders Keepers Boutique couldn't be hotter! Don't worry, our AC is working just fine. We've checked in some new arrivals that are steaming up our little store. Chanel sunglasses, Missoni sunglasses, Prada, Marni, and Akris dresses, Tory Burch, Burberry, and more! Price list and pictures below:

Red Burberry tote $180
Pink Marc Jacobs handbag $215
Pink Missoni sunglasses $72
Black Chanel sunglasses $145
White Prada dress size 48, $175
New Pink Prada dress size 48, $430 (NWT retail $2530)
Floral Marni dress size 44, $225
Tan Akris dress size 10, $150
New Ivory/Black Tory Bruch top size 12, $125 (NWT retail $395)

Burberry Tote

Marc Jacobs handbag

Missoni Sunglasses

Chanel Sunglasses

Prada Dress NWT

Marni Dress

Tory Burch top NWT

Akris Dress

Prada Dress (and my personal favorite!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Boutique Girl Ivana is also a student at SCAD. I love it when she brings her sketches into work with her. It gives me a new appreciation for the creative process that goes behind every single item of clothing. Her professor's notes are scrawled all over her designs (well, in a piece of wax paper so that the professor can correct the design without actually making a mark on it.) And when I first see Ivana's designs I am always simply blown away, and out of sheer defense of her I proclaim I can see nothing wrong and how dare her professor tell her anything differently and doesn't she understand that creativity is subjective?! And then I see the corrections and marvel at the difference the tiniest tweak here or there makes to the whole design.

Ivana is also in a merchandising class right now, so her job at Boutique suits her well, since she's often assigned projects involving displays and marketing. She had such an assignment last week. The store is in its hardest phase to display: the dreaded in-between-seasons: bulky winter stuff still puffs out between the lighter linens and silks of spring... a wool coat and a sundress sit side-by-side on the rack. (Side note: winter clearance begins NEXT WEEK!!) So she had her work cut out for her when she got an assignment to build a display portfolio. Here are a few of her pictures:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boutique's Look of the Week

Nikibiki blakc cami, one size, $16
Escio green top, size Medium, $24
New Tahari pink cardigan, size Small, $37
Etcetera skirt, size 12, $34
Handbag, $28
Necklace, $8

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting RAD

We're so excited about the upcoming Rail Arts District Studio Cruise. Local artists and musicians will showcase their work and talent at small businesses in Avondale Estates and Decatur this Saturday, February 12th. One of our Boutique Girls - Meghann - will be showing her artwork at our furnishings location (2753 E. College Avenue in Decatur) alongside fellow student Max. Meghann recently completed a very competitive summer intensive art program at NYU. Check out pictures of their artwork and the official promo flier below, as well as: for more information.

Tons of small businesses in the area will act as venues for local artists.

Meet Meghann this Saturday (pictured here during a blog shoot over the summer)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Workshop: Closet Chaos to Closet Confidence

Are you planning on getting a Valentine’s Day card for your closet this year or have the two of you had a falling out? As silly as it sounds, a negative relationship with your closet can create a lot of stress. A NAPO associate member and owner of Finders Keepers Consignment Stores, Bonnie Kallenberg has seen a lot (and I mean a LOT) of clothing in her lifetime. She knows how important it is to make your wardrobe work as hard as possible. Bonnie will walk you through the simple steps of a complete closet-transformation process and show you how to fall in love with your clothing again.

When: Saturday, February 5th @ 9:30am
Where: Finders Keepers Furnishings - 2753 E. College Ave., Decatur, GA 30030
Call for details: 404-377-1944

See the full February lineup on our website: and click on the "Future Sales + Events" page.