Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Spring Must-Haves

This year, spring trends take a journey back to basics. In a word – or three – strength, simplicity, and sexy sum up the melody of the season’s song. Ensembles are an easy blend of masculine structure and feminine frills. Monochromatic combinations and bold, daring prints strut down the same runway. Pretty and tough, ethereal meets the outback for a soft fierceness that could trek the Himalayas and then meet Helen of Troy for an afternoon cup of tea. This season is a union of Athena and Amelia Earhart, and pays tribute to every woman’s reality: we work just as hard as men do, and we do it in heels.

From Left to Right

On Casey:
Dress: Max & Cleo, size 4
Jacket: Marc Jacobs, size 4
Boots: Timothy Hitsman, size 12
Belt: United Colors, size small
Blouse: Akris, size 6

On Ivana:
Heels: Faryl Robin, size 7 1/2
Blouse: Oscar de la Renta, size 14
Knit Top: Dolce Cabo, size small
Jeans: Joes, size 27

On Heather:
Dress: Banana Republic, size 2
Jacket: Cino, size xs
Boots: Steve Madden, size 8 1/2

Shoes: Can sexy and sturdy coexist? This spring’s shoes are on a mission to prove that they can. Audacious heights get the support of a fuller heel. The surprise of the season: heeled clogs… who knew? One thing is for sure: thigh-high is so last season. While boots and cut-out booties are still on today’s radar, your very own gams are taking center stage away from the cover of winter’s above-the-knee boots. Platformed toes also add to the lengthening design. From out-of-this-world-wild to simple, nude sneakers, this season is all about fun with a touch of function for us hard-workin’ gals.

Check out the next 6 blog entries for more notes on what to look for this season!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's all in the mix

Tops: From rough and rugged military jackets to sheer, silky blouses, this season’s tops run the gamut of fabric and structure. The fun part: pairing them. Layering a sturdy, subdued jacket over a delicate, ruffled shirt is an easy way to showcase this season’s attitude: I don’t care, and I look fabulous doing it. Other trends to note: sheer, gauzy, goddess fabric that drapes in that perfect place between Boyfriend and Mediterranean.

Boutique Girls: Julia and Casey
(photography by Carrie Tatro)
On Julia
Blouse: United Colors, size small $28
Ruffle Tank: Gibson (nwt), size small, $37
Pants: Nanette Lepore, size 10 $39

On Casey
Blazer: New Frontier, size medium: $33
Top: Nanette Lepore, size 12: $41
Skirt: Workshop, size 10 $31
Boots: Timothy Hitsman, size 12 $89
Necklace: $26
Belt: Mudd, size s/m: $12
Clutch: Ted Rossi (Python): $250

Black and White and Red All Over...

Accessories are a girl's permanent pandora's box. A little touch of color or texture can transform a nonchalant ensemble into a striking combination.

Handbags: Size and color weren’t the prominent markers of this seasons gotta-have-it handbag. The can’t-compromise characteristic: it’s gotta be able to travel. Smaller, messenger-style satchels are an effortless touch to any ensemble, and lend an androgynous angle to a girl’s partner in crime. The oversized totes of seasons past are still strong for this season, just as long as they’re willing to go the distance.
Jewelry: If jewelry is a part of your outfit mix, make sure it doesn’t play alone. Stack your bangles with a devil-may-care ‘tude. A strong tribal necklace can command an ensemble all on its own, but more delicate jewelry should be accompanied by a friend or two. Fringed chains and gunmetal grays are as commonplace as a white t-shirt this spring. Opposites attract: if you don’t feel like draping yourself in jewelry, bare skin is just as desirable an accessory. This season, it’s all or nothing – and either is perfectly, fabulously acceptable.

Boutique Girls: Sandra and Stephanie
(photography by Carrie Tatro)
From front to back

On Sandra:
Dress: Vintage Valentino, size 10 $73
Shrug: Luxe, size medium $26
Wedges: Bobbi Blu, size 7 1/2: $25
Necklace: Coral $29
Gold Chain: $18
Bangle: $8

On Stephanie:
Dress: Hanii Y, size 44: $118
Shirt: size large $18
Belt: Cipriani, size small $22
Boots: Kenneth Cole, size 8, $53
Necklace: $52
Assorted Bracelets: from $3 - $16 a piece

Dress me Simple

Dresses are an oh-so-easy solution to that “what to wear?” panic that can complicate any girl’s get-ready routine. Bold, don’t-you-dare-look-anywhere-else patterns and neutral, understated monochromatic schemes are equally as popular. Whichever color you opt for, the mini length is a season-favorite… if you dare. Layer industrial, menswear jackets and blazers for a dose of strength and sass to the feminine frock, or slip on a gauzy blouse underneath for a hint of peek-a-boo sexy.

Boutique Girl: Julia (photography by Carrie Tatro)
On Julia
Dress: Dries Van Noten, size 38 $229
Heels: Tahari, size 8 1/2: $28
Feather Cape: $24

Monday, March 1, 2010

A little bit o' glam and a little bit o' grit...

We women juggle a daily balancing act: pretty and tough. You can't push us around, but you better not step on my shoe. This spring, pants fit loose and easy, which gives your look movement and grace. Grays and nudes trump black’s ever-present ace of spades. Skirts are this season’s go-to piece, and the shorter lengths of this past fall and winter are here to stay for spring. The key for what you wear below the waist: relaxed fits and masculine lines that don’t take themselves too seriously, but neatly tie your layered tops and fierce footwear together.

Boutique Girls: Sandra and Stephanie (photography by Carrie Tatro)
From left to right:

On Sandra:
Jacket: Piano, size medium: $28
Dress: ABS, size 4: $63
Boots: Tony Lama, size 7 1/2: $100
Necklace: $7
Belt: Calvin Klein: $15

On Stephanie:
Shirt: Love Stitch, size large: $15
Vest: Votre Nom, size 4 $47
Skirt: CC Outlaw, size large: $33
Boots: Kenneth Cole, size 8 $53
Necklaces: $24 and $18
Earrings: $13