Friday, September 17, 2010

In Transition

The store - and the state - are both in that splendidly awkward time of transition between seasons. (It came back to bite me yesterday when I opened all the windows the night before and turned off the AC then tried to grin and bear it as the temperature climbed almost 30 degrees - and into the 90s - the next day.) The store is packed to the gills: the summer merchandise is in its final stage of clearance - 1/2 off the lowest price! - and the fall and winter inventory has come in like a tide: engulfing every rack and shelf. And fall/winter pieces take up almost twice the room as the summer apparel as we trade in tank tops for thick wool coats. In brief: space is always a precious commodity during this season. But the good news: the inventory is amazing!


  1. who makes the shoes in the second to last picture???

  2. Hi! The boots are by Velvet Angels. They are a size 40 and are $188. We're having a 20% OFF sale on Monday (09/27) from 11am - 8pm, just so you know! Feel free to call for details: 404-634-6995


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