Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Wanna Win Best Consignment Stores in Atlanta for Creative Loafing's Annual Survey!

Yeah, we want it!

Winning a "Best of Atlanta" consumer vote is like the ultimate shopper's high. It means you like what we do. It means a nifty newspaper article that we'll frame and hang proudly in our stores. It means we're doing right by our customers and our mission -- and that's what we work to do every single day.
And right now, we need you! Creative Loafing is holding its Annual Best of Atlanta Survey now through July 31st. This year they've made it oh-so-simple! Go to their website: and click "vote now." You only have to vote for five categories for your votes to count. We want to win like a six year old at a kickball game.... really (really) bad! And we can't win without you!

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