Monday, June 14, 2010

Jezebel's Most Eligible... and Most Fashionable! (And our first giveaway contest!)

When Jezebel Magazine extended an invitation to Finders Keepers Boutique for their Most Eligible Atlantans party, we jumped at the opportunity to take a gander at some Atlanta's trend-setters. And of course we wanted to give you a peek too. And then we had an idea: why don't we let you decide which bachelorette is also your favorite fashionista? So we scoured the packed venue (the recently-renovated Gold Room) for ensembles that stood out from the (very full) crowd. These 8 stylish southern bells took risks, and they paid off big time. So we wanna know what you think! In the comments for this post, list the name of who you think put together the night's winning look and why. The style that receives the most votes wins a $50 gift certificate good at any of our three stores! The best part: YOU can win too! In your comment, give us your definition of style. Yes, it's vague, but that's all part of the fun! The Boutique Staff will decide on the best definition, and the winner will receive the cranberry-red Alfani leather clutch pictured in this blog post! Votes and definitions will be tallied until June 20th, and we will announce both winners on June 21st. We can't wait to see what you have to say! I've also included other pictures from Jezebel's extravagant event, which included a live, up-close-and-personal performance by Sara Bareilles. She was incredible - by the way - and getting her newest album is definitely on my to-do list.

Contestant #1: Jana

Stephanie spotted her in line for the *delicious* complimentary appetizers. "OMG - look at that belt!" The bold-colored maxi dress is a personal wardrobe favorite of mine. And Jana had cinched in the waist with a glittery, metallic belt. Her effortless, feminine look scored high with us! 
She wears: BCBG
She shops: Bloomingdales
She can't live without: A great clutch

Contestant #2: Bren
Bren is one cool chick. Just take her ensemble, for example. The harem pants are from Monaco, she's rocking L.A.M.B shoes, a Teri Jon jacket, CB Herrera jewelry, and a vintage church hat. The combination of eras, material, and glam are a symphony of styles that blend beautifully into a pitch-perfect sound.
She wears: worldwide apparel (mentioned above)
She shops: Loehmanns, vintage, consignment, and especially when she travels
She can't live without: her 5 inch stilettos or her mother's jewelry

Contestant #3 Charlotte

What a doll! This dress is such a statement and she knew it! She kept it simple with minimal jewelry and nude heels so that the dress could take center stage. The uber-chic simplicity was a total knock-out look. p.s. *LOVE* the bow detail!
She wears: Neiman Marcus
She shops: Old Navy to Neimans and everything in between
She can't live without: her Patagonia 

Contestant #4 G.G.

We spotted this ensemble early on. The bold, don't-you-dare-look-away color combined with the easy-going fabric made for a perfect dress for the evening. A funky, edgy, structured statement necklace was the perfect compliment, and her use of white and black accessories was timeless and daring all at the same time. (And if I could pull off her hair, I would totally try!)
She wears: a gift from Mom!
She shops: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and consignment!
She can't live without: a great silver necklace 

Contestant #5 Pamela
I am a sucker for sequins. (I'm like a moth to a light when it comes to shiny objects.) The deep scoop cut in the sequined neckline is a formidable opponent for potential accessories. The black and gunmetal multi-strand necklace was the perfect balance for the dress, and her lace-up booties had enough structure to stand up to this high-power look.
She wears: French Connection
She shops: Finders Keepers (thanks!) and Loehmann's
She can't live without: "hot, sexy shoes"

Contestant #6 Kristy

Kristy's retro, checked choice stood out from the sea of dresses. But the bright colors weren't the main reason this look was so eye-catching. The fit of this dress was perfect, like it was made for her. Vintage clothing is often tailored in a splendid way that has become harder to find with newer merchandise. The ankle strap detail on the shoes spoke well to the timelessness of the look.
She wears: a locally purchased vintage dress
She shops: bebe and Guess
She can't live without: her favorite pair of Meks jeans

Contestant #7 Tammy
Tammy's chic, all black ensemble took a step outside of the box with the combination of textures and sheen. Many people have a hard time with all black: "I have to make sure the blacks match," they say. Heck no, you don't! The simple jewelry choices let the variety of fabrics and shades work harmoniously together, and her sleek hair style was the perfect icing on the cake. The coolest thing about Tammy was Tammy: she's a weapons buyer for law enforcement and the military. "I don't know how to shoot at all," she said.
She wears: bebe and Express
She shops: "Everywhere! But since I'm a buyer I refuse to pay full retail price for anything," she said. Sales and discount stores are her personal favorites.
She can't live without: platform heels

Contestant #8 Shawntay
Shawntay's grape, peep-toe booties were the shoes of the night! And we loved that she combined them with a lighter purple dress. The structured, I-get-my-way footwear gave a little punch of power to the silky, sweet frock. By keeping the earrings simple and dawning a statement, bejeweled ring, this fashionista achieved perfect balance between three pieces that all adore the spotlight (and we adore them right back!)
She wears: Marshalls - this girl is a bargain hunter!
She shops: Marshalls and other discounted designer stores
She can't live without: her favorite pair of Arden B. jeans

Don't forget to vote for your favorite look in our comments! And leave/email contact information so we can let you know if you're chosen as the winner! Posted below are more pictures from the Jezebel event as well as a picture of the Alfani clutch that you can enter to win!

Yes - we were this close to the stage

 Sara Bareilles was incredible!

Enter to win this leather Alfani clutch! Vote for your favorite contestant and answer this little question in your comment: what is style?

Stephanie posed for a quick picture!

The Gold Room enjoyed a packed house for the Jezebel Event!


  1. Bren is simply fabulous in this outfit!!!! Love the other's styles, but Bren is simply over the top with that fab church hat and those L.A.M.B. shoes!

  2. Bren--love the colors and the pose! Classic and modern at the same time.

    @sandalsnpearls on Twitter

  3. My vote is for #2 BREN!
    My definition of style is all about EXPRESSION! From the inside to out. Before I style myself on the outside with what I dress up in to walk around, prance about, talk, or put on my best face...I have got to come with my grandeur inner self. So feel great on the inside will reflect me looking great on the out. I am so comfortable in my skin, my flaws, imperfections, etc, I am confident, happy and smiling - this is what I will express. So when I feel great and then put on the clothes, accessories that define me, touch that up with the makeup, my expressions and the way I walk into a room...YOU WILL SEE STYLE.

  4. Brens Style is ridiculous! I LOVE IT. HELLO OLD SKOOL MEETS NEW SKOOL.

    Do it girl!

    Bren FTW

  5. Loving the church hat/jacket combo on Bren most of all.

  6. Literally, from head to toe, Bren's look overall takes the cake! her look is vintage, class updated for a night out!

  7. Bren's outfit is da bomb!

  8. Hands down - Bren. That gal can rock a stiletto like nobody's business :)

  9. Bren is the best, I love her style!

  10. definitely #5 hot outfit!

  11. #2 Bren Bren Bren! Love it from head to toe :)

  12. Well...considering I'm all into vintage myself and can a appreciate someone not afraid of wearing hats, I have to say #2....Bren. Vvintage rules every time...can make a modern outfit have so much class and does tell a story--even if the onlooker doesn't know it!

  13. Maria von DickersohnJune 14, 2010 at 3:31 PM

    My vote goes to Bren!!!

    Style is a quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes.
    Style is comfortable, an elegant mode of existence.
    Style pops! Style magnetizes! Style speaks in a voice that is uniquely yours!

    Maria von Dickersohn

  14. mi definicion de elegancia se llama bren; luce espectacular my voto es para bren #2

  15. Contestant #2 Bren - jazz & pizazz!

    Style is what makes you stand out in a crowd.

  16. BREN looks fabulous and veryelegante,classy .SHE gets my vote is for #2

  17. I vote for #2. Her style is hot!

  18. I'm always amazed by the things that people where, and I always wonder.. how do they pull it off. I'm envious! So many great styles in the pics.. but I have to give it to #2 - Bren, hands down. I like the worldwide fashion all brought together, with old school, new school, and authentic pieces (checked out cbherrera jewelry, apparently it's her and her mother, how fabulous!). Quite fabulously put together all around. I could never pull it off, but she does and looks GREAT!!

  19. Bren style is the BEST hands down! I LOVE her style! She is sooooooo cute and adorable!

  20. I would have to pick the most stylish woman up here. Of course this is BREN HERRERA!!!! Her outfit exudes style. To me style and fashion are two completely different entities. All of these women are fashionable but Bren has true style. Style is having the ability to walk into anyones closet whether it be your grandmother, boyfriend, or mother and come out with an ensemble that is ready to be on the runways of any top designer. Fashion can be found in any store, style is a reflection of your soul.

  21. I vote for Bren, I love the shoes and hat!!

    Style is not been afraid of expressing yourself thru colors, shapes, passion and simply you.

  22. #2 is Number 1 with ME!!!!

  23. I need to vote for Bren too .. it's the hat!

  24. Ummm, is this even a contest anymore...come on, Contestant #2: Bren. She's Rockin it!

    Style is taking or using unconventional steps or approaches in expressing who you are. Your style should stand out...not blend in like those that surround you.

  25. Bren and her hat are awesome!!

  26. i vote for Bren!!

  27. Hands down contestant #5. Pamela. She has the personality to match! A wonderfully-smart and beautiful!


  28. my vote is for Jana contestant # 1. Very Grace Kelly chic!! my definition of style is "an expression of your personality" It should be as eclectic as you moods and whims.

  29. My vote is for GG! What a chic, sexy look from head to toe! And I really love how she's using a white clutch and her other accessories are black. The color of her dress is stunning too. I see style as a window to the soul: a canvas to a mood. Sometimes it's hard to put how I feel into words, but it's never hard to put how I feel into an outfit!

  30. I vote for BREN of course! She's got ah-mazing style! My definition of style is expressing who you are!

  31. Well, not to be on anyone's bandwagon, but everyone has already said it - I vote Bren. Wow! Bold AND beautiful - especially the hat in a day when women no longer do it.

    Style is whatever makes you feel good, sexy and confident. It can be a great pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or a classic versace little black dress. Find that one piece that makes you feel good and ROCK IT!!

  32. Without a shadow of a doubt, BREN gets my vote!!! Her fashion sense is tremendous and her hat and shoes are a showstopper!!!

    Also, she perfectly blends just the right amount of make-up to accentuate her beautiful, honey golden complexion... Yay Bren!!!

  33. Definitely Bren. I love that jacket!

  34. My vote is for GG. I love the red dress! Style is whatever your in the mood for.

  35. Definitely #3 Charlotte...classy, timeless.

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. I vote for #3 Charlotte. I love the color of the dress and the patterning. It's classic and it's not overdone. Simple and beautiful with a timeless silhouette. Smashingly Southern. Bravo.

  38. #3 Charlotte Rocks! Great Dress!

  39. I vote for #3 Charlotte. The look is classic, classy, and a little bit sassy.

    Style is the ability to shine without glare.

  40. I vote for #2 Bren looks fabulous..I love how she put everything together...

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Alright now - while I appreciate the enthusiasm, I feel the need to remind you that fashion should create lines that CONNECT, not divide. Style is a universal sisterhood! 1) I think the Cuba comment was referencing a dictatorship vs a democracy and had nothing to do with race. 2) All contestants were encouraged to have friends/family/coworkers/etc. vote for them. There's nothing wrong with supporting someone you care about. I removed both comments but both votes will still count. Votes were also emailed in, so it may not be as close as anyone thinks. The winner will be notified and posted by close of business today. Thank you all for your participation in our first-ever give away!

  43. I vote for Charlotte - #3 - because I am her brother. And because she is the coolest person on the planet earth.


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