Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black and White and Red All Over...

Accessories are a girl's permanent pandora's box. A little touch of color or texture can transform a nonchalant ensemble into a striking combination.

Handbags: Size and color weren’t the prominent markers of this seasons gotta-have-it handbag. The can’t-compromise characteristic: it’s gotta be able to travel. Smaller, messenger-style satchels are an effortless touch to any ensemble, and lend an androgynous angle to a girl’s partner in crime. The oversized totes of seasons past are still strong for this season, just as long as they’re willing to go the distance.
Jewelry: If jewelry is a part of your outfit mix, make sure it doesn’t play alone. Stack your bangles with a devil-may-care ‘tude. A strong tribal necklace can command an ensemble all on its own, but more delicate jewelry should be accompanied by a friend or two. Fringed chains and gunmetal grays are as commonplace as a white t-shirt this spring. Opposites attract: if you don’t feel like draping yourself in jewelry, bare skin is just as desirable an accessory. This season, it’s all or nothing – and either is perfectly, fabulously acceptable.

Boutique Girls: Sandra and Stephanie
(photography by Carrie Tatro)
From front to back

On Sandra:
Dress: Vintage Valentino, size 10 $73
Shrug: Luxe, size medium $26
Wedges: Bobbi Blu, size 7 1/2: $25
Necklace: Coral $29
Gold Chain: $18
Bangle: $8

On Stephanie:
Dress: Hanii Y, size 44: $118
Shirt: size large $18
Belt: Cipriani, size small $22
Boots: Kenneth Cole, size 8, $53
Necklace: $52
Assorted Bracelets: from $3 - $16 a piece

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  1. Casey and all Boutique girls (esp. Julia)

    Sorry to have missed you over the last few weeks....been in Haiti x 3 and Africa for three weeks! Hope to see you soon...great pix!!!! WOW!

    Barbara M.


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